Monday, 14 May 2007

Time to ease up

Right, 'cards on the table' time. There are six weeks to go. I'm not ready and I'm not going to be. The past three weeks have been 'stop-start' with a planned recovery from the 50 miler and an unplanned sore knee from lifting paving slabs. I've been out on my bike and been for a couple of jogs, but that's been it.

In the pub on Saturday (two cokes and no crisps), someone said 'oh, just six weeks to go? You'll be easing down now then..." Hmmm. To be able to ease down suggests a period (however brief) at which you were operating at a higher level. So I need to ease up a bit first. I started the ease up with a 90 minute walk yesterday. I think I'll give the Carragyhn a miss this evening though. It is one of the steepest local race descents and has 'sore legs for the rest of the week' written all over it.

For anyone who might be interested in a different training session, I've got a group of mainly novice Parish walkers lined up to do an hour's hill session on Wednesday evening. It will be useful for all abilities and anyone who wants to join in will be made very welcome. Meet at the Dhoon Cafe car park in time for a 7pm start.

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