Friday, 4 May 2007

Wonders never cease

If it wasn't for the wonder of on-line entry, I would be tip-toeing up Liz and Gordon Corran's path on my way to work in the morning to drop my envelope quietly through their door. As it is, I have been on the official entry list for almost a week. Amazing.

After the 50 miler, my recovery has continued at a leisurely pace this week. Apart from a 90 minute run on the hills and a day moving concrete paving slabs 100 yards uphill (a day which confirmed that gravity is a cruel mistress and that I am a proper weakling) this week has seen little exercise. The run was memorable. Not only was the sun shining and the hills clear on both sides of the Irish Sea, but I went with Cal. Nothing special in that - except that we very rarely go training together. This is mainly because one of us (not me) usually spends the whole time checking that the other one of us (not her) isn't being 'held up' or 'having to wait' for them. Apart from the compulsory 'you run in front' ruling, our run this week was great fun and we even discussed making it a regular date. Wonders never cease...

There are Parish walkers out everywhere at the moment, lured onto the roads by the warmer conditions and the fact that time is against them. We play 'How Many Parish Walkers' (I've thought long and hard, but a catchier name eludes me) whenever we're driving in the car (it's a rubbish game if you are just parked up somewhere). Basically, everyone in the car decides how many Parish Walkers they think we will pass by the time we get wherever we're going. Then you count them and... well you can guess the rest. The driver has the final say if there are any 'disputed identification issues'. As a rule, walkers pushing prams or bicycles, carrying shopping bags, holding an infants hand or walking a dog are not Parish Walkers. Likewise, men waiting at bus-stops don't count - even if the little voice from the rear seat says 'I saw him before and he was walking then - he must be so tired that he has to get the bus home'.

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