Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Positive pensioner feedback

Probably too little and probably too late, but I've notched up three days consecutive training. No unexpected niggles and feeling pretty good. Well, I was, until a very old lady, shuffling along towards me on the other side of the quiet country lane, stopped. She leaned on her walking sticks and watched me walk past. I smiled and said 'hello'. She shook her head said 'I hope you're not damaging your hips'. So do I.

With the countdown really on now, I'll try and think of a few things to think about leading up to the big day. Let's start with shoes. It doesn't matter what they look like or how expensive or cheap they were - as long as they are comfortable. That is the only thing to consider. If you haven't got them sorted by now - do it sooner rather than later. Preferably get two pairs (if it pours with rain, you may be glad of the extra pair) and make sure you wear them in. New, untried shoes are usually a recipe for disaster. However, old, worn out shoes - the pair you've had since 1985 and are held together with tape and safety pins - can be equally dangerous to your long-distance chances.

So find the shoes you like, buy a couple of pairs. Then wear them in but don't wear them out. Easy.

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