Monday, 16 April 2007

Big 'P' Word getting ever closer...

If I was to tell you that my week had revolved around getting over last weekend, then I'm sure it will be no surprise. They all seem to be going that way! This week has seen a minimal training effort (think of the minimum you could do... yes that's about it) and the big 'P' word gets ever closer. My main hold-up this week has been blisters. I managed to produce a large, broken one on each heel and, although they have healed pretty well, I've been keen not to aggravate them.

So, apart from work, a bit of tame Laxey Bay kayaking (no wind, warm sun, mill pond conditions - could this really be April in the IOM?) and some family plantation cycling, my feet were redundant. By Sunday, I'd had enough and, having liberally applied Vaseline to my feet, went for a walk. Hoped to do three laps of the Ballaragh loop, but with the handy get-out clause of knocking a lap or two off. One and two were OK, but the third lap was a real struggle. Breakfast was a distant memory, so it could have been a lack of food, or perhaps a knock-on from the MMM? Either way, with only 2 and a bit hours on the clock it wasn't too encouraging. Happy that my feet held up pretty well though.

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Mark Hempsall said...

Steve, I can't help but wonder if the penguins sent that flock of sheep to the Devils Elbow to slow you up in the Firemans walk! Bet you are glad you didn't put a picture of a herd of elephants up now! P.S. well done, a great display of race walking.