Monday, 18 June 2007

In the dark

I've just remembered this. If you are hoping/planning to get to the finish on Saturday/Sunday, then think about your personal lighting. Last year, I hadn't considered it at all, and if it wasn't for the kindness of Roey Crellin's support crew equipping me with half of her lights, I'd have been in the dark for the last three hours of my walk.

There are some nasty corners on the Ramsey to Douglas coast road, and the object is to be seen rather than to light your way. With this in mind, a head torch along with a clip-on red flashing light or an illuminated armband should be sufficient. Last year, driving home to Laxey up the Whitebridge and along the Liverpool Arms straight (before I had to stop the car to throw up), it was brilliant to see all the walkers really well 'lit up'.

I'm going to try and write something each day this week - highlighting some of the things I learnt (i.e. mistakes I made) last year. I'll start at the start... I got there in plenty of time (no, it's true), but then got caught out socializing! Chatting to a few people, the gun went and I was right at the back. I was dodging around people and stopping and starting all along the Access Road. I didn't really get into my stride until after Union Mills. Most people will, rightly, warn against starting too fast (minutes made up at the start can turn into hours lost at the end), but the sooner you can get into a comfortable rhythm the better. One final point - if the weather is looking dodgy as you leave home, bring a couple of bin-bags with you. With a hole for your head it will provide a waterproof 'poncho' while you stand around waiting for the start. The other one is to give to someone who hasn't been as clever as you.

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Dave Mackey said...

Hi Steve

Thanks for that gem about the lighting.I went out and bought myself a head torch this morning from a camping shop along with some Kendal Mint Cake - never thought I would ever do that !
Keep the nuggets coming mate !

Dave Mackey