Tuesday, 3 April 2007

All at sea

Good run on Sunday. Well, if I'm honest, most of it was good but some of it was rubbish. This was to be my last harder run before the Mountain Marathon and so I was looking for a confidence booster (to paper over the harsh truth of prolonged and persistent undertraining). It started off so well...

I ran from Laxey to the top of North Barrule on one of the best sustained uphill tracks I know. For those who remember the old Laxey Horseshoe course, I followed it up to the slopes of Slieau Lhean, but instead of branching off to reach the summit, I followed the track around the head of the Agneash Valley and eventually on up to Clagh Ouyr. The run along the ridge to North Barrule was beautiful - the views were stunning in the sunny and clear conditions.

Sheltered sunshine at sea level had tricked me into getting my shorts out again, but even before I'd met the couple wearing full waterproofs, hats and gloves, I knew I was a little underdressed. (For those 'tut-tutting' at my lack of preparedness - I had a bum-bag and full body cover with me. No, I've no idea why I didn't stop to put it all on). Anyway it took about 55 minutes to get to the top (running all the way) and I felt pretty strong. It took about 49 minutes to get back down and I felt pretty awful. My ankle was sore and I was whacked.

I haven't trained since Sunday - an enforced 'total rest' approach to race preparation. Ice and Voltarol gel have been applied and I spent an excruciating 10 minutes up to my knees in the sea on Laxey Beach yesterday evening. A week ago I was worrying about the 12 miles beyond St Johns, now I'm just hoping I'll get that far. Good luck to all the locals running at Easter - there is a big entry for both the MMM and the Easter Festival.

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