Friday, 16 March 2007

Pig-headed old lady

Saturday's races threw up some great performances on a tough, windy (never..) day. Colin Griffin (left) walked a faultless 30km and a sub 4 hour 50km debut next week looks on the cards. Jo Jackson set a big pb to win the ladies 20km and Dan King led home the men. Fine local walks from Michael, Jock, Marie, Lauren, Alice, Kirsty etc. It was tough watching rather than racing, but I know I'd have struggled to be vaguely competitive. Sunday morning there was a coaching session led by Andi Drake (GB) and Michael Laine (Ireland). It was good to hear their largely positive comments on the techniques they'd seen the day before.

On Sunday afternoon I needed to go to Ramsey to pick up my van for work. (Much of my training seems to revolve around the dropping off or picking up of vehicles at the moment). I ran up to the Bungalow on the Electric Railway line and then to Ramsey via the Black Hut, Clagh Ouyr, North Barrule and Elfin Glen. I know I've been going on about the wind a lot... but that's because it's been windy. There was a cross wind (south easterly) on Sunday, and as I ran along the N. Barrule ridge it got stronger. Having managed to run all the way from home (i.e no walking), I approached the last 200m up to the summit confident that I could make it. I would have done too - if only I could have stayed on my feet! I was blown off the path and had to sit down to prevent being blown into rocks. For a couple of minutes, the elements were very much in charge, and although I was pig-headed enough to stumble on to the trig point, it was only after dropping off the summit towards Ramsey that I had full control over which direction I was going in.

Been really busy this week - didn't get out (training) at all until Thursday! That's the difference between a serious athlete and a recreational one. I trained every day (sometimes more than once) for over a year in 1988. Clearly not good practice (although that is clearly a good pun) - no recovery and it included my wedding day and honeymoon! Everything then was fitted around the necessity of training. Now I fit in some exercise if there's time.

Thursday was another variation on the run over the hill to Glen Mona - this time climbing up to Clagh Ouyr first. It was a real 'blow-the-cobwebs-away' hour and after a few days cooped up indoors, the fact that I was running like an old lady seemed of secondary importance. Bucking the recent trend, on Friday I actually went for a walk! It's 'the thought that counts', so let's not dwell on the fact that a tiny, sharp edge of my little toenail digging into my second little-est (how do you spell that?) toe in slightly-too-narrow shoes caused great discomfort and the abandonment of the session after 25 minutes. So, another poor week for me while, in contrast, my fellow bloggers are up towards 50 miles. Anyone stumbling upon our respective writings would undoubtedly have mine down as those of the first-timer and Mark and David's as the serious athletes.

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